Which city escape should you choose?

Seville, Malaga, Bilbao? All three? North or south? If you are looking for a destination that lets you escape routine, any of these cities are perfect for you. All of these stand out for their cuisine, art, natural and historical sights, nightlife and the ambiance in their bars and on their terraces. Yes, we know what you’re thinking: these places are perfect for a trip away with your friends before the summer hits. Want to know more?


An escape to Seville with friends is something you have to do at least once in your life. In fact, if you have never been to Seville before, going with friends is the best way of discovering it. Why so? Because the Andalusian capital is full of life and, even though some people don’t seem to believe it, lots of rock and roll.

There’s lots of nightlife for you to enjoy until sunrise. If you are not already an all-night partygoer (or at least no more than the day after) get ready, as the ambiance in the streets is non-stop, at least not until very early in the morning. Bars seem like they are always open, ready to welcome you with lots of delicious tapas and “olay’s”. And of course, even though Seville is not just all about flamenco, watching a show is one of the best experiences you can have in this warm and friendly city.

On your list of things to do it should always include a museum, square, symbolic building, typical show (dance, singing), a good andalusian restaurant and a wander round the bars in Alameda. If you decide not to go now, before summer, you can choose to go at the end of the season (September-October), when you will be able to join in one of the events of the year dedicated to the new music bands in the country, during ‘Monkey Week’.

For accommodation, always opt for hotels from which you can visit some of the most interesting sights of the city comfortably and freely. The best are those located in the historic centre, (for example: Petit Palace Marqués Santa Ana, closeby to the Giralda and the Seville Cathedral) Macarena and Murillo and the most recognised gardens.


Many people wouldn’t think twice due to the fact there isn’t a better place than the north to go out  partying with friends, forgetting about obligations and responsibilities and taking a few days break. And if you think a bit about which city in the north is worth a visit, we’re sure that among these, Bilbao would be on the list.

Why so? Well, some of the reasons are that Bilbao is not for any specific age range, everyone who visits can feel young and full of energy even if it has been 25 years since they finished university. A rock and roll, rebellious, hard-working, strong and creative city in all aspects; from the culinary to the industrial side to it. Elegant, vital and capable of surprising you no matter how many times you visit.

On your wanderings, you should stop at the Guggenheim Museum, stroll across the banks of the magnificent silver river, cross the bridges and admire the neighbourhoods that progress and reinvent themselves with every era. You should also visit the 7 streets in the historic centre where you’ll find traditional bars & cafes blended together with new local hotspots. People go out every weeknight and weekend until well into the early morning in this zone.

Accommodation is good if you opt for the centre and want to appreciate the typical sights without adding any complications to your trip and enjoy the eclectic atmosphere of the city and the concerts, plays and all kinds of cultural events. The Sercotel hotels chain owns some of the most central establishments with the best services. If you want to enjoy a quieter atmosphere and want to discover the more relaxing side to Bilbao with gastronomy and the beach now that summer is on its way, you should book a stay in Getxo or in another neighbourhood in the centre close to the beach. An interesting option is Petit Palace Tamarises due to its privileged location on Ereaga beach.


An escape to Malaga with friends calls for: sun, beach and venturing to the Larios street. Yes, don’t dismiss it: if you have been to the birthplace of Picasso you may not remember the museum but we are very sure you remember Larios street. This is normal for it is one of Andalusia’s most famous streets as, here, you can enjoy the authentic vibe of Malaga’s nightlife.

Now then, you have to go prepared because this is the definition of partying, a place that leaves everyone surprised at how long the party can go on for: for days and days. It carries on onto the beaches where you can sunbathe after trying one of the delicious dishes (in actual fact, there is talk of naming it an intangible cultural heritage of humanity because of its traditional and homemade cuisine). After having a nap, head to one of either the surf or chill out bars that you’ll find along the marina. A pure summer vibe, even in winter.

On your list of things to do or visit in Malaga, don’t leave out the Picasso Museum we have already mentioned: a castle that dominates the city and from which you can admire stunning views of the capital, the theatres and the Albéniz cinema (certainly if your happen to visit during the legendary Malaga Film Festival) the squares like that of Merced and the terraces. There’s also the Atarazanas market, La Malagueta bullfighting stadium, the CAC of Malaga (the centre of contemporary art) and, of course, the gastronomic centre which is full of Malaga-style bars with Spanish ham, salmorejo (tomato purée) and calamari.

In terms of accommodation, the beach zone is perfect for relaxing and enjoying a few days on the seafront. There are many complete hotels away from the centre but, if you want to better enjoy the capital, you should opt to stay in the historic district, for example, at Petit Palace Plaza, Room Mate Larios Hotel, Carlos V or the exclusive (if you want to treat yourself) Vincci Posada del Patio.

Look up accommodation directly via Google Maps to see their location and price. Out of all the ones indicated in this article, we believe those of the Petit Palace hotel chain are the best (Petit Palace Marqués Santa Ana -Seville-, Petit Palace Tamarises -Bilbao- and Petit Palace Plaza -Malaga-) as you can book a stay at their hotels at a better price, without third parties, on their official website. Also, sometimes, they also offer free breakfast for booking your stay online with them.

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