Who’s Traveling

On the question of who is traveling, the members responded that about half of their clientele of baby boomers is at least 50 years old. The second largest age group of 36-50 years, 26 percent of customers. Two-thirds (66 percent) of the company had booked were by US citizens, according to international destinations, with 21 percent of US citizens to travel to the country.
Top destinations and trends

When asked to name the top ten destinations for travelers in 2015, active members Italy rank number one, followed by the United Kingdom, China, Peru, France, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Brazil and Vietnam.

For the third consecutive year, respondents named Myanmar high country “emerging” They plan for 2015 and more popular, followed by Cuba, Croatia, Iceland, India, Peru, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia and Panama.

“What’s with these results, it is very interesting that Cuba made its debut at the impressive position of the second behind Myanmar,” said Dale. “This confirms the current and growing demand for travel to Cuba and strengthens our position and support of” open borders “policy.”

“More access operators Cuba, increasing the attractiveness,” said Paula Twidale Collette, adding that the upward trend in travel to Croatia, Iceland and Cambodia Research mirror of Business Institute international interest in these destinations do. ”

Based on sales, turnover, USTOA tour members reported California, Hawaii, New York, Florida, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Alaska, Puerto Rico and Texas remain the top ten domestic destinations in 2014. The ten first international goals in 2014 were Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Aruba, Bahamas, Germany and Costa Rica.

The demand for experience and immersive cultural journey remains high with member offers programs in a variety of categories. Nearly three-quarters (71 percent) offer USTOA, travel packages and tour operators, art and culture, and family / multi-generational programs offer 64 percent with culinary and over half (57 percent) provision Adventure concentrated packets. Asked about the programs based on sales, several generations / family, art and culture and the highest rank rank adventure in succession.
potential threats

While members can view USTOA the coming year with optimism, she cites potential threats to the positive outlook. Three-quarters (74 percent) of the members with the name of natural disasters, followed by pandemics and other health crises (67 percent) that the main concerns that could affect their growth prospects over the next three years. The next potential threat was the strength of the US dollar, followed by the global financial stability, terrorism and political instability eventually.
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