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Destination wedding or traditional wedding?

After you have been guests at your friends’ weddings, you might feel that you would like to have something different when it comes to your wedding. How about having a destination wedding? I am think about charming Spain, romantic France or modern Italy? It is not so easy to decide! At least i do not have to worry about weather. Since we live in Sweden, it can rain any day during the summer.  I always wanted to have an outdoor wedding ceremony at the sunset but here it wouldn’t be so good idea since evenings might get chilli even during the summer.

image00-300x272While I prefer to get married at the beach my partner is obsessed by Provence and France.

He dreams about getting married in a chateau in France, surrounded by purple lavender fields. I am not saying that it wouldn’t be nice, I’m just not sure if we have a budget for it.

I guess we will have to contact coupole of chateaus in France and request a quote for wedding.

I am aware that it can very pricy but if we invite our closest friend and family than we can afford it. I always wanted to have intimate ceremony with no more than 50 guests. I cannot deal with the stress so I am not person who can handle huge weddings.

Well, I will let you know as soon as we finally make a decision regarding our special day.

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