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Japanese Translation Services, Customized!

Every single translation is a unique endeavor. Translation is like a wine — Just as no two vintages are ever the same, no two Japanese translation projects are ever the same. Interesting trivia, but why is this important to consider when ordering translation services?

Many translation companies us a “cooker cutter”, or a one size fits all, approach to delivering translation. Indeed, these kinds of operations erroneously think of translation as commodity, to be mass produced in factory like processes. Customization is a scary concept to these folks because it means more work and less profit.

Customization to you, however, means improved quality at lower cost for your translation project. Let’s take a look at an example to illustrate this point. You require translation services in English Japanese for a marketing brochure, for example. Now, this isn’t your plain vanilla Japanese translation! You’ll want to customize you project with

  • Marketing translation
  • Japanese copywriting
  • Japanese typesetting
  • Graphic engineering (for brochure localization)
  • Local printing

Now suppose that the translation company can’t facilitate your customization requirements. You’d be forced to find different vendors for copywriting, typesetting, graphic engineering and printing. Further, with each one fiddling with your translated materials, errors start creeping into the project impacting quality. Delays extend into weeks. And, I’m sure you can see how cost will spiral out of control. Here’s the thing, thought — I’ve had to rescue many a translation projects just like the one in this example!

This is reason why you need to recognize that translation is not a commodity, as some vendors would have you believe. When you partner with a Japanese translation services agency that offers customization, your project benefits immensely with improved translation quality and lower costs.
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