Which city escape should you choose?

Seville, Malaga, Bilbao? All three? North or south? If you are looking for a destination that lets you escape routine, any of these cities are perfect for you. All of these stand out for their cuisine, art, natural and historical sights, nightlife and the ambiance in their bars and on their terraces. Yes, we know what you’re thinking: these places are perfect for a trip away with your friends before the summer hits. Want to know more?


An escape to Seville with friends is something you have to do at least once in your life. In fact, if you have never been to Seville before, going with friends is the best way of discovering it. Why so? Because the Andalusian capital is full of life and, even though some people don’t seem to believe it, lots of rock and roll.

There’s lots of nightlife for you to enjoy until sunrise. If you are not already an all-night partygoer (or at least no more than the day after) get ready, as the ambiance in the streets is non-stop, at least not until very early in the morning. Bars seem like they are always open, ready to welcome you with lots of delicious tapas and “olay’s”. And of course, even though Seville is not just all about flamenco, watching a show is one of the best experiences you can have in this warm and friendly city.

On your list of things to do it should always include a museum, square, symbolic building, typical show (dance, singing), a good andalusian restaurant and a wander round the bars in Alameda. If you decide not to go now, before summer, you can choose to go at the end of the season (September-October), when you will be able to join in one of the events of the year dedicated to the new music bands in the country, during ‘Monkey Week’.

For accommodation, always opt for hotels from which you can visit some of the most interesting sights of the city comfortably and freely. The best are those located in the historic centre, (for example: Petit Palace Marqués Santa Ana, closeby to the Giralda and the Seville Cathedral) Macarena and Murillo and the most recognised gardens.


Many people wouldn’t think twice due to the fact there isn’t a better place than the north to go out  partying with friends, forgetting about obligations and responsibilities and taking a few days break. And if you think a bit about which city in the north is worth a visit, we’re sure that among these, Bilbao would be on the list.

Why so? Well, some of the reasons are that Bilbao is not for any specific age range, everyone who visits can feel young and full of energy even if it has been 25 years since they finished university. A rock and roll, rebellious, hard-working, strong and creative city in all aspects; from the culinary to the industrial side to it. Elegant, vital and capable of surprising you no matter how many times you visit.

On your wanderings, you should stop at the Guggenheim Museum, stroll across the banks of the magnificent silver river, cross the bridges and admire the neighbourhoods that progress and reinvent themselves with every era. You should also visit the 7 streets in the historic centre where you’ll find traditional bars & cafes blended together with new local hotspots. People go out every weeknight and weekend until well into the early morning in this zone.

Accommodation is good if you opt for the centre and want to appreciate the typical sights without adding any complications to your trip and enjoy the eclectic atmosphere of the city and the concerts, plays and all kinds of cultural events. The Sercotel hotels chain owns some of the most central establishments with the best services. If you want to enjoy a quieter atmosphere and want to discover the more relaxing side to Bilbao with gastronomy and the beach now that summer is on its way, you should book a stay in Getxo or in another neighbourhood in the centre close to the beach. An interesting option is Petit Palace Tamarises due to its privileged location on Ereaga beach.


An escape to Malaga with friends calls for: sun, beach and venturing to the Larios street. Yes, don’t dismiss it: if you have been to the birthplace of Picasso you may not remember the museum but we are very sure you remember Larios street. This is normal for it is one of Andalusia’s most famous streets as, here, you can enjoy the authentic vibe of Malaga’s nightlife.

Now then, you have to go prepared because this is the definition of partying, a place that leaves everyone surprised at how long the party can go on for: for days and days. It carries on onto the beaches where you can sunbathe after trying one of the delicious dishes (in actual fact, there is talk of naming it an intangible cultural heritage of humanity because of its traditional and homemade cuisine). After having a nap, head to one of either the surf or chill out bars that you’ll find along the marina. A pure summer vibe, even in winter.

On your list of things to do or visit in Malaga, don’t leave out the Picasso Museum we have already mentioned: a castle that dominates the city and from which you can admire stunning views of the capital, the theatres and the Albéniz cinema (certainly if your happen to visit during the legendary Malaga Film Festival) the squares like that of Merced and the terraces. There’s also the Atarazanas market, La Malagueta bullfighting stadium, the CAC of Malaga (the centre of contemporary art) and, of course, the gastronomic centre which is full of Malaga-style bars with Spanish ham, salmorejo (tomato purée) and calamari.

In terms of accommodation, the beach zone is perfect for relaxing and enjoying a few days on the seafront. There are many complete hotels away from the centre but, if you want to better enjoy the capital, you should opt to stay in the historic district, for example, at Petit Palace Plaza, Room Mate Larios Hotel, Carlos V or the exclusive (if you want to treat yourself) Vincci Posada del Patio.

Look up accommodation directly via Google Maps to see their location and price. Out of all the ones indicated in this article, we believe those of the Petit Palace hotel chain are the best (Petit Palace Marqués Santa Ana -Seville-, Petit Palace Tamarises -Bilbao- and Petit Palace Plaza -Malaga-) as you can book a stay at their hotels at a better price, without third parties, on their official website. Also, sometimes, they also offer free breakfast for booking your stay online with them.

Accommodation in Dubai: monumental works and luxury hotels

Dubai is a true example of modern architecture but with small details that make it a cut above the rest. Erected as enormous developments in a city that was basically built out of nothing, at present its monumental works leave a mark on everyone who comes to visit. The majority are business establishments, luxury or Grand hotels that reach out towards the maritime and streams.

Accommodation in Dubai is one of major factors of the city’s identity when it comes to its tourism sector. In addition to this, it’s one of the most interesting elements to the city. The stunning hotels, designed wholly to impress guests, provide clients with experiences that only exist in this city. Thus, it pays to delve into its characteristics, at least into one in particular whose fame has managed to cross borders.

The most impressive monuments have to be the government buildings: establishments that have been key in the promotion of what can be found in the destination today. In the government’s mind, they’ve always tried to construct a city whose luxury reaches far beyond the sea, attracting the attention of visitors at first glance before even having landed.

Due to this, even from the airplane, you can admire the magnificent architecture like the spectacular artificial islands in the maritime zone known as Palm Islands, which make up a whole peninsula and, in turn, make the whole place look like a giant palm tree. You can see, from a bird’s eye point of view, a development in the water called The World which is supposed to represent all the continents of the world.

Along the maritime zone, which is one of the most beautiful ones in the world, you’ll discover some of the greatest hotels that have really made their mark on the city. Amongst these is the Burj al Arab: a 7 star hotel that offers unbelievable services. In English, this hotel is translated to “The Tower of the Arabs” and is surrounded by sea, due to the construction of an artificial island, with a stunning beach called Jumeirah Beach. The exterior design takes the form of an unfolded sail looking out toward the earth and the interior is made of materials like velvet, gold and marble.

Hotels for royalty, or for you to at least feel like royalty on your holidays. Their common characteristics unite to provide guests with unique experiences  with their facilities in addition to impeccable customer service:

  • Infinity pools in the penthouse suites or in terraces directly facing the sea.
  • Complete spa centres with the latest machines and treatment: perfect for spending your holiday looking after your wellbeing.
  • Gourmet restaurants that having been awarded the Michelin Star.
  • Most rooms come in the form of suites and give off the impression they are more luxury apartments than accommodations for simple stays.
  • Clear and window-glazed areas to provide guests with impressive views of the city and beaches.
  • All luxury hotels offer private exotic gardens with arabic touches in which you can lose yourself and let your imagination run wild.
  • The furniture and decor are key elements that combine authentic art with contemporary touches and emulate elegant with state-of-the-art spaces.
  • There are always butlers to assist you in any way they can and exclusive 24 hour room service.

In general, even having the possibility of staying in one of these hotels is reason enough to book a trip to Dubai, to discover all the hidden secrets of this  colossal city and immerse yourself in its small pleasures.

Take the opportunity to stay at some of the best hotels in Dubai, (not dismissing some of the most luxury hotels we know in the West), e.g., Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa, The Oberoi Dubai, Park Hyatt Dubai and The Palace Downtown Dubai: which offer accommodation at a fairer price than the Grand hotels. We’d also like to divert your attention to the restaurants at Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa and the services they provide for their reasonable prices.

Slow Gastronomy by Garden Hotels

The Slow Life movement and its many variants related to a more authentic model of life, linked to traditions, local cuisine and products grown without additives on the estates of a lifetime has become a motivation for travel and an attractive quality when it comes to choosing holiday accommodation. In Spain, chains like Garden Hotels are being the pioneers in bringing this attitude and philosophy of life to the usual vacation hotels.


It attempts to say goodbye to the concept of beach resort in classic Spain. Travelers of the 21st century no longer look for a corner where they just park their stress and rest in the sun. In addition to all that, they ask for differential added values ​​that are what finally allows the sector to consolidate its position as an international destination, beyond the attractions of the chosen place to spend those days of relaxation.


Some hotel groups have paid attention to this drift of current demand and have begun to focus their offerings of destinations as mature as the Balearics or Almeria towards a tourism with more feeling; slower, more ecological, more authentic and respectful of traditions and cultures in which their accommodations are located. A fairly recent example of this trend is found in the hotels in Majorca at Garden Hotels such as Cala Millor Garden Hotel. Here, the island that this holiday chain was born on, has signed several agreements to be able to offer a unique service of native gastronomy with a seal of guaranteed quality.


In addition to working with associations of farmers and local farmers, they also have agreements with social centers to assist the labor integration of people with disabilities in Mallorca and in their new menus provide a full range of dietary and gluten-free products, special for celiacs.


As explained by this Majorcan hotel group, the idea of ​​working in this direction that is more closely to the reality in which their hotels are located is aimed at making accommodation more of a social wheel; that society and its culture are what provides a differential and unique plus to the holiday experience of its customers.


Its gastronomy slow drinks from the most local, like the Majorcan lamb. In the restaurants of all the hotels in Majorca that the chain owns there is always a good dish of fresh lamb with a seal of indigenous quality that makes the buffet an attraction: guests no longer have to leave the hotel to enjoy the most authentic local cuisine.


The same happens with the vegetables used in the different culinary proposals that are offered both in the buffet and in the à la carte restaurants (no matter if they are Asian or Italian style, the product is always fresh, local and given priority to the season). A way of understanding the gastronomy linked to the natural system, with simple flavors that enhance each other without looking for additions.


A more global future


To compete with the big beach resorts of places like the Caribbean or Tunisia pass through here: to sell destinations offered by the hotels, integrate them in their environment in the most respectful way possible, being the hotels themselves in charge of defending, fostering and preserving that authenticity that makes it a place that is appealing to enjoy a vacation.


The accommodations take from the traditions and mix them, acquiring local customs and applying them through a differential service. Some even, thanks to this plus of authenticity, have managed to raise the rates of accommodation without seeing the level of occupation decrease. A sign that the commitment to a philosophy based on the roots of destiny is key to a viable, lasting and sustainable future. The glocal prevails.


Some examples of slow accommodations by Garden Hotels:

Garden Playanatural, El Rompido, Huelva.

Cabogata Mar Garden Hotel & Spa, El Toyo, Almería.

Mallorca welcomes the themed hotel movement

Huge and offering everything a holidaymaker could imagine without ever having to leave the resort;  maximum comfort for those seeking a personal touch to their holidays without it being difficult to plan. These themed hotels are arriving to Mallorca bringing along with them an abundance of services at competitive prices in desirable locations which cater for every guest of every age range.

There’s no stopping them; they’re here to stay, indefinitely… Themed hotels have opened up a gap in the market offering stays that attract both kids and adults. With their grand establishments, seeming more like a traditional resort than that of a classic hotel, offering services made to surprise you,  some hotel chains like Gran Isla hotels have made this design the structure of their establishments, having at present 5 themed hotels in the most popular tourist districts of Mallorca: Palmanova, Puerto Alcudia and Santa Ponsa.

Amongst them is Pirates Village Apartments, in Santa Ponsa, which has completely revolutionised the hotel sector of the island, with every area pirate-themed, from the basic commun areas (like the reception and chill out areas) to the rooms and entertainment programme; where guests can enjoy a fun, pirate-inspired stay throughout their entire holiday in Mallorca.

Another main hotel in line with this design is Hotel Piscis Alcudia Adults Only which, as the name suggests, is a themed hotel for adults only, combining all the services of a 3-star hotel in Puerto Alcudia with the small details that make it different: chill out zones, carefully decorated rooms, massage zones, free wifi and one of the best adult-only entertainment programmes in the north of Mallorca with music, shows and so much more…

The special offers are another great factor. All these can be found on the hotel’s official website in the hotel offers Piscis Alcudia section and from there you can book complete packages directly, at very fair rates, without dealing with any third parties.

Nearby to the Gran Isla hotels, in the coast of Calvia, you can find other examples offering this kind of design; counting amongst one of the largest hotel corporations in Spain is Melià Hotels & Resorts. In this case, Melià, with its line of Sol Hotels, has developed a range of interconnecting establishments geared towards this model of hotel experience. The best example is Sol Katmandú Park & Resort, a hotel which also acts as an amusement park; a real present-day twist on hotels to travel to with kids.

All-inclusive is the basis of these themed hotels. However, many of them are also quite adaptable in that they also offer half-board basis. Nevertheless, with this design, half-board is not very common as the idea of a themed hotel is that guests can make the most of the experience the establishment has to give.

When to travel to Majorca outside the Summer?

Son Julia

The best time to travel to Majorca out of the Summer crush is undoubtedly Spring or Autumn. From March onwards, the largest of the Balearic Islands awakens with the Mediterranean light that begins to warm it, bringing out the beauty of its flowering almond trees covering the fields of the interior and the first parties and celebrations. Holy Week, May Day … Choose when to travel this Spring: Mallorca is waiting for you.

Mallorca is the queen of the month of August. This is the island where celebrities and anonymous travelers happily share a beach, where everyone has their best smile and where whatever you photograph looks like a postcard. But the best of Mallorca is precisely what can’t be enjoyed in Summer: it is the stillness and calm that has made it famous all over the world.

More and better hotels

To enjoy it, there is nothing better than waiting for the months of March or April when the holiday season in the Balearic Islands reopens and that usually coincides with the Holy Week festivities. Almost all hotels reopen on these dates, so that the possibility of getting your choice of accommodation multiplies. Also, when booking in advance (from now until the end of January, for example) the rates are somewhat more affordable and there are more special deals.

Some noteworthy places for the most authentic holidays, such as the boutique hotel in Mallorca Son Julià Country House Hotel or the Cap Rocat Hotel – both very close to the center of Palma but surrounded by a spectacular natural landscape – open exactly this month, putting an end to Winter. The season begins with calm and these small, charming hotels are the most interesting choices for enable you to enjoy the beauty of the island away from the multitudes of usual tourists.

A living landscape

If you travel to Mallorca in March you will be surprised by its landscape, especially if you have seen it only in Summer. The island, protected to the Northwest by the beautiful mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana and with its cultivated fields in full growth, gives you a range of colors that shine under the light of the first sun of the year. Wet green and brimming with chlorophyll are the gentle pine trees that decorate the slopes of the hills and cliffs, the turquoise blue of an impeccable sea, the terracotta of its rocky areas, the golden beaches and the silver of its olive groves … A perfectly balanced fan of colour that gives you a direct line to the essence of pure happiness.

Foods for gourmets

In March you can prepare a gourmet getaway with certain success. Spring is the best season to taste the typical Mallorcan foods, as it still retains a lot of traditional Winter cuisine dishes (marked by the famous pig slaughters from which come the best sobrasadas and butifarrones) along with the lightest Summer dishes: salads like the trampó with the first tomatoes of the year, the tumbet with its Sa Pobla potatoes or even take advantage of the fact that it is still fresh to have a good ‘brut’ rice.

To enjoy the charms of Mallorcan cuisine and some of the most carefully selected Mediterranean specialties, do not miss out on gourmet food venues such as the Las Bóvedas restaurant, the restaurant Santi Taura; the culinary workshop of chef Fosh (near the town hall square – Cort) or his Simply Fosh restaurant, in the old town of Palma (the legendary calle Missiò).

Customized Experiences

Hiking, dozens of trail routes, cycling, climbing, canyoning … Mallorca is an island for living out these experiences. Since in these first months of season the sea is still too cold, it is best to opt for mountain sports or tour the island on 2 wheels. Cycling, along with golf and sailing, is one of the most popular sports and with the most services developed on the island, both in the area of the Tramuntana villages and in the Pla (flat) or the South (joined to the end of Ses Salines and the coast of Santanyí and Campos).

The concept of Spa and wellbeing, with very specialized centers and even hotels that have created authentic spas in their interior, such as, for example, the Grupotel Playa de Palma Suites & Spa, can be a great motivation to travel in Spring to Mallorca. In fact, it is the best time for it: there are lots of deals for these dates, with complete detox programs to prepare you for the summer. The Mediterranean is undoubtedly a tempting destination for avoiding stress, breaking free from the burden of obligations and restoring the balance between body and mind.

Trends in sun and beach family tourism

Sol and Ole Hotels

Sun and beach tourism is projected to continue without being overtaken and it is the most familiar of all the segments that make up the holiday spectrum in Spain. Besides being the most classic and the most linked to mass tourism, but it has changed the most especially over the last decade, when it was in crisis and it is now being transformed by new technology.

It remains the leader in bringing in the largest number of tourists to Spain. It is what keeps tourists staying longer and it offers more competitive prices. It is therefore the biggest and most familiar and it tends towards practically all-inclusive, with tour operator and agency sales that focus on mature coastal destinations and historically well put together. Sun and beach tourism is a classic … in the process of transformation.

To understand its evolution in recent years, you must put into perspective the whole context of the cost of living crisis in the principal European countries, which coincided with the principal tourist markets for tourism to Spain (United Kingdom, Germany, France…). To this must be added the equaliser of the use of new technologies and the Internet in every middle-class home in Europe, which has given a lot of travelers an easy method to book their flights and hotel rooms directly, plus accommodation, excursions and experiences.

Low cost

The entry into the field of low cost airlines, following the model of Ryanair, suddenly opened up thousands of affordable travel opportunities for many families who previously could only afford to holiday in nearby destinations that could be reached by car, bus or train. The absolute democratization of flights and the possibility of being able to do it yourself, directly online, multiplied not only the number of travelers but also changed the way we travel: and not only do we travel on a specific date each year for our Summer holidays but we have begun to take bank holiday breaks and long weekends.


The Spanish Sun and Beach holiday is becoming more exclusive, with shorter stays but with a much higher average daily expenditure per traveler.

Cheap flights also opened the door to new destinations. The Canary and Balearic Islands were not just a haven for the upper middle classes but were possible for the working class, who chose very specific areas: on Mallorca were Playa de Palma – Arenal, Magaluf and Palmanova. In the Canary Islands, Maspalomas, Puerto del Rosario, Playa Jandía … where you can find economic hotels for low cost travelers.

So, they began to travel more times a year … But for shorter durations. Instead of the traditional two weeks or the entire month of August, a large proportion of travelers chose to divide up their holidays and take “breaks” more often. This meant an urgent change in the type of accommodation package.

Cheap hotels

Although the concept was thought little of by the hotel sector because it has connotations of poor quality, the fact is that the low cost flights significantly increased searches for cheap hotels in Spain. The most researched hotel stays were for families for a week’s holiday for two adults with a couple of children in any decent destination worth visiting, but this meant spending at least an entire salary. So most opted for all-inclusive hotels, which were more affordable and always oriented towards group or family travel.

To prevent the family sun and beach hotels segment from remaining stuck just as low quality cheap hotels, the hotel sector, driven by the country’s big chains decided to make changes and to modify the hotel formula, optimizing the resources in their hotels, taking full advantage of their locations to provide a better experience of the destination, redesigning rooms, investing in modern decor, bright and natural light and giving guests what they really needed for a marked improvement in their vacation: better rooms, better food, more entertainment choices, different rooms for children and adults…

New hotels for families, even those which were in the mature tourist areas we have mentioned, have managed to turn round. Options such as the Olé Hotels, with hotels in the Canary Islands, Ibiza and Mallorca; and Sol Melia Hotels, and amongst those which stand out for their plans include the Sol Hotels in Mallorca, have served as an example to many others in mainland destinations such as Benidorm, Almeria, Huelva, along the coast of Malaga and Cadiz.

Sol y Playa 3.0

We can say that this is a segment of sun and beach hotels 3.0, with more complete and more specialized accommodation but retaining their privileged locations and nowadays being able to give to their guests a new way to experience those destinations. Prices remain quite affordable, though it is true that when you move up in hotels ratings, prices also rise. However, it should be noted that value for money is very, very competitive.

Trendsetter destinations are the islands, which as mentioned, are pioneers when it comes to developing tourism. But elsewhere in the Peninsula Family vacations have already added these improvements such as: the coast of Barcelona, the Costa Brava and much of the coast of the Spanish Levante. Although there are still basic hotels, the future is in forming a national hotel industry with a solid base of hotels of 3 and 4 stars. A challenge that is gradually getting closer, something that is felt in the fact that more and more hotel companies are already adding the 4 star Superior and luxury to their portfolios.

Changes have been made especially in the 3 star beach resorts, which have risen to 4 or even 5. Many have diversified from being family hotels to ‘Adults Only’ hotels focusing more on sport, gastronomy, nature and ecology, bank holidays or business trips.

For all

Family hotels have specialized in hotels for children, with more services for little ones and areas reserved for the parents to relax. This has been expanded to include entertainment programs and professional monitors including screens in many hotels.

The most interesting offers are usually also linked to the family holiday segment because travel with children is governed by the school calendar and dates can be booked early enough to ensure a certain level of occupancy at the hotel, allowing the standard rate to be lowered.

Online reservations through the official websites of the various hotels and chains also allows savings on intermediaries and ensures the most economical rate for all users, in most cases. They provide personal attention and special guarantees.

Weekend Getaways in San Francisco Hotels

When visiting San Francisco, you’ll feel an urge to explore the outdoors and enjoy the delectable Asia-Pacific and Hispanic cuisines. The cultural explosion you’ll feel is simply amazing. It’s no wonder it’s a traveler’s paradise. Let us explore the popular haunts of the city that’s dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi, while you stay in comfortable San Francisco hotels.


Sea Ranch

Drive just 100 miles south of San Francisco and you’ll arrive at Sea Ranch. It offers visitors a chance to hike through the Redwoods or walk along a 10-mile stretch of bluff trails with the Pacific Ocean breaking below. You may just spot a few sea lions or whales from up above if you’re lucky. If you have the time, you should venture out onto a kayaking or fishing trip in the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean.

The magnificent architecture of the Sonoma County (which has inspired East coast contractors like Essex County roofing contractors), only adds to the landscape. Explore this quaint town to experience the bygone era when lamps lit the streets. The unpainted wood and unsuspended eaves allow the buildings to beautifully merge with the landscape. You would be surprised to know that there is no street light to prevent “light pollution” and the dazzling views of the night sky fills your senses. Do not forget to taste the wine at Bodega Bay. It is a 1-hour drive away from Sea Ranch, but it’s well worth it.

 Adventurous Weekend

People who seek aqua adventure can begin their weekend in Monterey at the Monterey Bay Aquarium followed by a stroll on the Fisherman’s Wharf and Cannery Row. For literary enthusiasts, a visit to the National Steinbeck Center will satiate their intellectual hunger.

You can head to the lovely beach town of Carmel-by-the-Sea to explore a 17-Mile Drive, famous for inspiring ocean views that runs from Pacific Grove to Pebble Beach. For wine-tasting, two venues that emerge on the trail are Point Lobos State Reserve and Borromeo de Carmelo Mission. This region also conducts multiple festivals including the Carmel Bach Festival that celebrates classical composer Bach, and the Carmel Art & Film Festival that plays award-winning independent films.

Before you retire to your San Francisco hotel, take a walk at Asilomar State Beach and enjoy the beauty of its vast coastline and rocky coves.

Surf at Santa Cruz

Do you enjoy surfing? Simply drive down 70 miles from San Francisco to Santa Cruz and surf at the Seabright State Beach! Hit the Beach Boardwalk to enjoy the carnival rides. For vintage shopping head to Pacific Avenue.

Before you retire for the evening, stop at the notorious Mystery Spot- a woody enclave that boasts optical illusions- its operators reveal, the laws of gravity and physics do not apply here!

Half Moon Bay is a 35 minutes drive from San Francisco. This quaint coastal town offers brilliant resorts and spas, and horseback riding at Sea Horse Ranch. You can play golf or engage in bird-watching at the golf course overlooking the Pacific Ocean. You can also visit the art galleries to learn the town’s history or shop at the stores to collect memorabilia. Who knows, you may just participate in the annual Mavericks Surf Contest!

Explore Mexico with Best Cancun Hotels

One of the major spring break destinations, this place has the best beaches, known for its turquoise colored sea. The place has an amazing nightlife and while you can party to your heart’s content. But this is not all, one can always revel in the greatness of the place by going to this place with their friends or family. It is even perfect for a romantic rendezvous with your partner and you will find all the privacy in the serene and calm Cancun.

When you are travelling to the place, make sure that you are doing so with proper planning and you know where you will stay. The benefit of looking at all the Cancun hotels beforehand is that you will not only get an idea about the places but you will also find plenty of time to explore this lesser known destination.


Cancun and what the hotels have to offer!!

The best feature of the Cancun hotels is that they are located on the narrow strip of land that is a perfect accommodation for all your beach side fun. Moreover, the Cancun hotels offer rooms that range from the lowest price rates to the most exuberant ones. You can never run out of money if you go vacationing here.

The strip of island where you can find all the hotels is called the Zona Hotelera. The place is connected to the main city through bridges. Living on an island is what we call the coolest way to vacation.

There are very cozy and comfortable inns to the high profile and five star hotels that are already famous worldwide.

When you have found the right kind of Cancun hotel for your stay, then you can go on exploring the amazing tourist attractions that this land has to offer. Well, there is a lot to be explored apart from the pristine turquoise sea.

Pristine and mesmerizing locations!!

Want to walk barefoot on white sand that will trickle your sensitive feet? Then you should head to the Holbox Island. The island has the best beaches and it even gives you the view of a splendid sunset to behold. Every bit of you will be mesmerized at the beauty that nature has to offer us. you can find literal salvation at this place and you can just sit there gazing the sky for hours.

Nothing gives you more pleasure and peace than calm beaches and you have plenty of them in Cancun. The Holobox beach is not only beautiful but it is of ecological importance too. It supports a lot of diverse wildlife and it is a part of the Yum Balam Natural Reserve. Aesthetically beautiful and maintaining the ecological balance too; well, that is genuine beauty according to me.

There are many more beaches in the land of Cancun and touted as one of the best holiday destinations of Mexico, you will never run out of things to do. Go and relish yourself in the joys of nature.

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